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Using Wireless LED Up-Lights we can give your event a whole new look. Any color is available and with the wireless system you don't have to worry about wires running alongside your guests. We also control these up-lights from our booth to bring a different dimension for when the dance floor is open.

Custom Monograms

Cut and designed on steel, custom monograms can say anything you'd like and add a splash of excitement to your event. Over 250 designs are available and can be used for any event. With the monogram you can send any message you'd like to your guests. (Ex. Couple Names, Couple Initials, Congratulations, Happy Birthday)

LED TV System

The LED TV System is a great addition to any event. Many clients use it to show slideshows and videos to their guests throughout the night. The TV's are available in numerous sizes and definitely will impress and can help take your event to the next level.

Video Projection System

The Video Projection System is a cost friendly option to spruce up your event. With the projection systems you can show videos to your guests, slideshows, or anything else you'd want.

LED Moving Heads

Moving heads are an amazing addition to any event. They can bring the club feel to any party. These lights are programmed and controlled by us and shine bright alongside the beat of the music. (Videos can be provided by request.)

Laser Lighting System

The laser light system will create "oos" and "awes" at your event. Beams of light will pierce the room to the beat of the music creating an amazing effect. (Videos can be provided by request.)


Custom backdrops specific to your theme colors give a great background for pictures and allow for the main area of your event to grab the audience’s attention throughout your event.